We believe every baby should have access to the best foods to grow strong and healthy.


Nutrition during the first 1000 days is the most important environmental factor in a baby's development.

If food is the most important environmental factor, why are we feeding babies highly processed, shelf-stable foods with little nutritional value?

I started this company because I believe we can do better and because every baby should get the best nutrition possible. Our mission is to help busy parents thrive and give their children the best foods to achieve optimal growth.

You shouldn't have to choose between what's healthy for your bub and what's easy for you. We get it. That is why Beets & Berries was born.

Our Values

  • Real Ingredients, Real Food

    We cook with locally-sourced, organic produce. Real food with no nasties added.
  • People and Purpose

    We believe business should be a force for change and good. Purpose drives us and people inspire us.
  • We're Nerds First

    We're nutrition obsessed and have designed our products so they provide the nutrients your baby needs.
  • Universe of Flavours

    Early exposure to flavours and textures will make your child a less picky eater. That is why we choose to use herbs, spices, legumes, grains, fruits and lots of veggies to give your bub variety early in life.

Hey there!

Got any questions for us or just want to say hi? Email us at hello@beetsandberries.com.au